MINISTRIES and committees

We have numerous ministries and committees to support all of our

outreach initiative as well as the general interests and maintenance

of the church.  If you would like to learn more or get involved, don't

hesitate to contact our church office.

Some of our Minisitries, committees and leads include:

‚ÄčCemetery - Jake Bowen
Christian Ed - Dave Repecki, Sue Woodman
Fellowship - Tracey Hassler
Finance - Michele Bubar
Memorial Awards - Jill Tilney
Mutual Ministry - Chrisi Kuhn
Outreach - Michele Bubar
    > Family Promise - Sally Mann
    > Food Pantry - Michele Bubar, Julie Rossi
    > Giving Tree - Tracey Hassler
    > Helping Hands - Diane Reichert

    > Prayer List and Cards - Lois Girer
    > Thanksgiving Dinners - Christi Kuhn
    > Tithe - Carl Anello

    > Walk to End Alzheimer's - Jill Tilney
Property - Bob Shaffrick
Quilters - Evelyn Helmer. Meet Wednesdays 9am-2pm
Stewardship - 
VBS - Sue Woodman
Worship and Music - Sue Hand
Youth Group - Tracey Hassler