For we are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life.”  Ephesians 2:10


Since the early 1930’s Community Outreach has been an integral part of our ministry at Christ Lutheran Church. Because of Jesus Christ, we believe that Christians are called and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live their lives in service to the world. Through acts of love and justice, worship and witness, we share God’s boundless love with the world.
Community Outreach Ministries at Christ Lutheran are supported by our members and through monies raised by fundraising activities. 100% of all fundraising proceeds go to these Outreach Ministries. Outreach Ministries include the Food Pantry, Helping Hands, Thanksgiving Dinners, Christmas Wish, support for the larger Church, and responding to local and worldwide natural disasters.

Caring churches identify needs in the community and where possible develop ministries to meet the needs.

About some of our outreach ministries ...

Barnabas Ministry – Monies from this ministry have been used to help pay rents, fuel bills, and to help with costly medications. The only stipulation for receiving assistance from this ministry is that the need is a true emergency and that the gift helps resolve, not simply prolong the current situation.

Family Promise - For over 5 years, our church and congregation has been helping families who have had

temporary financial difficulties that have led them to become homeless.  We serve as a Host Church for

the Carbon County Family Promise. The Mission of Family Promise is to provide temporary shelter, meals,

and fellowship in order to meet the basic needs of families without permanent housing in Carbon County.

As a host church, we provide meals, shelter and hospitality for 3 or 4 families for a week 5 times a year.

While in the network, families will be educated, encouraged, and empowered to become self-sufficient

by support from the Faith Community and other local community resources.

Food Pantry - Our Food Pantry is an active emergency food pantry which serves people in the Penn Forest and Kidder Townships areas. It is used by those who need food for themselves and their families. Cereals, pastas and canned and other dry goods are stocked in the Food Pantry. Church members, friends of the church, and local scout food drives donate these food items. In addition, vouchers from local grocery stores sometimes help provide meat and fresh produce. Families in need are referred to the Food Pantry by word of mouth and also by other area churches. The use of the Food Pantry continues to grow.  With the cold weather upon us, often more than a dozen families use the pantry to help feel their families. Donations to help keep the pantry well stocked for those in need are always appreciated.  You can drop off food or cash donations any Sunday morning or during office hours.

Giving Tree – For over 10 years Christmas gifts have been provided to children of families that have been experiencing financial difficulties. Each Christmas a list is obtained from the local school district indicating the age, gender and gift wish of children who might otherwise go without on Christmas morning. Tags for each child is hung on a “Giving Tree” in church. Members are asked to help fill the wishes of each child through their donations. The list of children continues to grow as has the cost for items requested. Proceeds from our Christmas Cookie sales and other fundraising are used to offset these increased costs and requests.

Helping Hands – Helping Hands volunteers provide simple (partial or complete) meals, offer transportation to and from medical appointments, do simple chores or errands, help provide/serve funeral luncheons, make phone calls/visits to those in need and provide other chores to give a “helping hand” to those in need. 

Prayer List and Cards - Often individuals of our congregation, a family member or even just an acquaintance  could use the power of prayer to get them through a difficult time or concern.  This ministry continuously keeps those in need in their prayers and sends an occasional card as appropriate. We welcome you to request special prayers for yourself or others by completing the 'Contact Us' form on this website.

Thanksgiving Dinners - This ministry was started by one member’s desire to provide a typical holiday meal to the families using the Food Pantry.  Through the generosity of that member, turkeys are purchased. The remaining food items are donated by church members and  friends of the church, as well as with the support of Thrivent Action Teams. Because of one person’s caring spirit and initiative, each Thanksgiving over a dozen families are able to enjoy a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Tithe Ministry - A tithe, or a 10% portion from the gifts the church has received, is set aside annually to respond to a variety of requests for help that are receive each year. Since it’s inception in 2005, this ministry has distributed over $20,000 to worthy organizations and families not only in the Penn Forest region but throughout the world.

Walk to End Alzheimer's - With statistics like 1 in 3 senior has some form of dementia, this debilitating disease has impacted many of our members and their families. Since 2010, we have had members of our church actively participate in planning, fundraising and walking in support of the local Carbon County - Jim Thorpe Walk to End Alzheimer's. Each year our level of involvement and funds raised have increased. We would love for you to join us the 1st Saturday in October at Mauch Chunk Lake Park or support us at one of our fundraisers throughout the year. Join our team or start your own!